“A Path to the Moon” by William T. Horton, INDEX Issue 7

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Edition Size: 100

“A Path to the Moon” by William T. Horton, 1898

“A Path to the Moon” originally appeared in A book of images drawn by W.T. Horton & introduced by W.B. Yeats, published in 1898 by The Unicorn Press, London. As Yeats writes in his introduction, “The systematic mystic is not the greatest of artists, because his imagination is too great to be bounded by a picture or a song, and because only imperfection in a mirror of perfection, or perfection in a mirror of imperfection, delight our frailty.” You can find the book on the Internet Archive here.

This image was printed from a new copper plate produced at Owosso Graphic Art in Owosso, Michigan exclusively for Wolverine Press.